McFarlane Toys Reveals Gold Label Wave 2

Todd has even more Gold Label Series coming our way. Briefly shown off today was three more figures to the Deluxe line. More Spawn was revealed in an off-orange color (for some reason). Didn’t we just Kickstart a Spawn figure because he couldn’t make a Spawn besides the multiple Mortal Kombat Spawns and now another one in the Gold label line? Well the next in the gold line is Gold Flash from the Death Metal comic line. Eagle eyed viewers already saw him in Todd’s videos. I am very certain he leaves that kind of stuff there for leaks on purpose.

Lastly, and the whole reason I wrote this, yet another Warhammer 40K Space Marine this an Blood Angels Primaris Lieutenant. That means he’s a fancy lad. For those of us that love Space Marines this guy is very neat looking and we will need more than one for customs. No word yet on the release date as of now– we are still waiting on wave one to ship out.

Spawn Curse of Apocalypse

Death Metal Earth 52 Gold Flash

Blood Angels Primaris Lieutenant

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