Hasbro Presents “The History of Candy Land”

This is a repost article taken in its entirety from Hasbro Newsroom. Toy Wizards are republishing the story because we like it and think the sentiment and history of Candy Land is nice. All credit goes to Hasbro and its press writers.

In 1949, Milton Bradley began selling CANDY LAND, the sweet and simple racing game that introduced young children to the world of games, becoming known as “every child’s first game.” More than 70 years later, Candy Land continues to invite new generations into the exciting world of gaming.

The first CANDY LAND games were sold for only a dollar in 1949. To date more than 50 million games have been sold. In 2020, Candy Land inspired a sweets competition tv series currently airing on the Food Network.

Candy Land Timeline

  • 1948  Eleanor Abbott created Candy Land to entertain hospitalized children who were suffering from polio.
  • 1949  Eleanor Abbott sent the game to Milton Bradley which then began selling Candy Land.
  • 1967  Wooden pawns were replaced with the iconic plastic gingerbread men.
  • 1984  Hasbro acquires Milton Bradley and revamps the game to include new art, new characters and a story line.
  • 2005  Candy Land inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame at The Strong in Rochester, New York.
  • 2019  Candy Land celebrates 70 years of sweet magic and wonder!
  • 2020  Candy Land inspires a sweets competition tv series on Food Network

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