Toy Wizards Review: Transformers Kingdom Voyager Class Cyclonus

First we had Siege, then came Earthrise, and now completing the trifecta known as the War for Cybertron trilogy we have Kingdom.

There are several figures in the Kingdom line I’m looking forward to and have full intention of purchasing, from Warpath to Huffer and Inferno. But, the figure I was most looking forward to was Cyclonus, and here is Galvatron’s most loyal Decepticon solider for the purpose of this review. Was he formed by Unicron from the remains of Insecticon Bombshell? Seeker Skywarp? A little from column A and a little from column B?

Quick anecdote before I begin telling you how amazing this Voyager Class Cyclonus figure is. Here in Canada we still have Toys R Us, and I was kicking it at a Toys R Us at a nearby mall in my home city of Calgary perusing the post Christmas barren landscape of Transformers figures on the shelf, when I checked my phone and noticed a missed voice-mail. Checking my messages, EB Games within the same mall called to tell me my Kingdom Voyager Class Cyclonus I had pre-ordered about a month ago was in.

Well, hell yeah, I wasn’t expecting this particular message but I wasted no time heading to their store, picking up Cyclonus and bringing him straight home.

Anecdote concluded, my previous statement that Cyclonus here is amazing is completely true and one hundred percent accurate. It remains to be seen if the rest of the Kingdom line will be as incredible and enjoyable as Cyclonus here, but if this figure is any indication, Kingdom already has the potential to be better than Siege and may give Earthrise a run for its money as well.

Aside from perhaps Earthrise Leader Class Optimus Prime, Cyclonus provides the smoothest and most enjoyable transformation across the entire War for Cybertron trilogy. Compressing his right leg to make up the back end of his shuttle mode took a little doing, and his cockpit area doesn’t seem to sit completely flush, but I’m not letting that knock off any points or make me change my proclamation of how great this figure is.

Despite the minor; and for me they are very minor flaws, Cyclonus looks incredible in shuttle mode. A perfect representation of the G1 characters alt mode we became familiar with across the ’86 movie, season 3 of the animated series; etc, this is undoubtedly, without question, Cyclonus.

For as awesome as he looks in vehicle mode, Cyclonus looks even more awesome in robot mode. Sporting a perfect head sculpt, great paint application and spot on body sculpt, Cyclonus checks off all the boxes you would want him to check off. His oxidating laser is sculpted to fit perfectly in his hand, and can also plug into the top of the cockpit in shuttle mode.

As previously mentioned, transformation between both modes is some of the smoothest, most enjoyable and fun I’ve had across all three lines so far. The engineering is sublime, and even with the little bit of fiddling required with his right leg, I didn’t feel frustrated by it like I’ve felt with other figures that wanted to fight me for various reasons with their transformations. Now that I think of it, Cyclonus here definitely borrows from the Earthrise Seekers in both mold and engineering, but improves upon it with its ease of transformation.

Articulation is standard here as it is with the majority of the War for Cybertron line, there’s really nothing new here, and that’s fine, it’s the articulation that we’ve come to expect. Cyclonus is available for pre-order at with a retail price of $31.99 and is worth every penny.

I give Kingdom Voyager Class Cyclonus an easy 5/5 Wizard Stars.

Product Features

  • 7 inches (17.78cm)
  • Made of plastic
  • Converts from robot to Cybertronian fighter craft in 34 steps.
  • Comes with Oxidating Laser accessory
  • Use Deluxe Fossilizer bots to beastify the Cyclonus figure with bone armor (sold separately)
  • War for Cybertron trilogy introduces an expansive ecosystem of collectible figures

Box Contents

  • Cyclonus figure
  • Oxidating Laser
  • Golden Disk card
  • Instructions

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