Power Rangers Dino Fury Wave 1 Figures & Battle Attackers

More images have surfaced showing off what we can assume is wave 1 of the basic assortment of Power Rangers Dino Fury. This has four figures so far– the Pink Dino Fury Ranger we have already covered plus Dino Fury Red and Dino Fury Blue along with a Villain Boomtower. These are not the Lighting Collection scale or detail but the Basic line estimated retail at $9.99-$14.99 each.

We do know that the Rangers will come with a Dino Key for each figure as seen on the Pink Ranger’s pictures. Dino Fury Battle Attackers are smaller figures with battle action and each come with a villain to battle and use his special move on. It is nice to see villains right off the bat for the line– this shows more dedication to the line than what we had for Beast Morphers in the first wave.

Dino Fury Red

An alien warrior from another planet, Zayto leads the Dino Fury Rangers in battle.

Dino Fury Blue

A logical thinker who’s never afraid to share his opinion, Ollie joins the Dino Fury team as the Blue Ranger.

Dino Fury Pink

A go-getting journalist with a passion for the paranormal, Amelia becomes the Pink Dino Fury Ranger.


Power Rangers Dino Fury Battle Attackers – Red Ranger VS Doomsnake

Power Rangers Dino Fury Battle Attackers – Blue Ranger VS Shockhorn 

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