MGear Shows Off Gadget Wallet 2.0 Perfect for Gamers and Toy Lovers to Customize and Build

The MGear Gadget Wallet 2.0 is the most innovative and customizable wallet designed for all your epic urban and outdoor adventures. 

Its advanced modular design allows you to select features that are best suited for your personal needs, such as the 18-in-1 multi-tool, compact flashlight, removable money clip, emergency key/coin holder, and much more. 

Plus you can choose from 1 of 16 texture/color finishes, engrave personal messages on various parts and even customize the logo on its front plate.

The MGear Gadget Wallet 2.0 is compact yet highly versatile, Crafted and made to order with Fast & Affordable Shipping!

Let’s take a quick moment to revisit that wording– fully customizable. For me, I love letting my nerd and fandom flag fly. Unfortunately, many wallets containing artwork of our favorite video game, toy, and pop culture characters are… well… aged down. But with MGear, you can represent your favorite franchises with a sturdy, multipurpose wallet and accessories.

Or perhaps one with the logo of your company, team, group, or favorite toy news website. Insert emoji winking face and smirk.

For anyone who follows me and my writing, you know I love cool, rough and tumble tough looking gear. Be a warrior, be a fighter, be the adventure, and check out the MGEAR wallet– your fire and steel is waiting.

Base Model Standard features:

  • Front Plate Logo Cut-out
  • ID Window Backplate
  • Ejector Plates
  • 5-10 Card Capacity 
  • 5-10 Business Card Capacity / ID window

Upgrade 1:   

  • Base Model +      
  • Swappable/Removable Stainless Money Clip
  • 10 in 1 multi-tool

Upgrade 2:   

  • Base Model + Upgrade 1
  • 18 in 1 Multitool upgrade (M-TOOL)
  • Emergency key / coin holder with fresnel card

Upgrade 3:   

  • Base Model + Upgrade 2
  • EDC Flashlight
  • Leather holster 

Upgrade 4:   

  • Base Model + Upgrade 3
  • Handmade Paracord Lanyard with  caribiner ends.

GET UP,  GEAR UP & BUILD YOUR MGEAR! The MGEAR fully customizable wallet costs $50 and is available to order and create today!

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