Toy Wizards Review: Transformers Earthrise Deluxe Class Sunstreaker

If you grew up in the 80’s or are old enough to remember the 80’s then you remember as well as I do roaming around malls, county fairs, and flea markets and seeing photos and posters of the hot supercars of the day. Ferrari, Porsche and the car that always stood out the most to me, Lamborghini.

I’ve never been able to afford a Lamborghini, and I can guarantee I never will be able to afford a Lamborghini, except at a much smaller scale, and for today I’m reviewing the Autobots cocky, arrogant and ultra vain Lamborghini Countach, Sunstreaker.

I had pre-ordered Earthrise Sunstreaker all the way back in June, and not surprisingly in this crazy Covid-19 afflicted year that is 2020, Sunstreaker’s shipping date kept getting pushed back and pushed back and pushed back, but he finally shipped out a few weeks ago, and arrived in my mailbox just the other day, and it was a happy day when I opened that box and took Sunstreaker out of his package. Sunstreaker has always been one of my favorites of the Autobot super cars, from the vibrant yellow paint to the sleek lines in vehicle mode. I could never get my hands on and have yet to get my hands on a G1 Sunstreaker, but this Earthrise Sunstreaker is the next best thing. However for as gorgeous as he may be, he does have a couple of flaws.

First thing I noticed looking over Sunstreaker, is that his roof/chest and forearms/rear spoiler section are not a perfect color match with the rest of the figure, due to one yellow being coloured plastic while the other is yellow painted on clear plastic. While it’s especially noticeable in his vehicle mode, its ultimately minor enough that it doesn’t bother me too terribly.

Something that does bother me a little bit more is that Sunstreaker doesn’t come with a proper gun as a weapon accessory, instead the air intake in his vehicle mode comes off and pegs into his hand to act as his weapon. Admittedly, its a clever little detail and touch and I’ll give them points for thinking outside of the box a little, except it doesn’t peg into Sunstreaker’s hands particularly well, so if you’re like me you’ll leave it pegged into his back in robot mode.

Nitpicks aside, this Earthrise deluxe is a nice representation of a G1 inspired Sunstreaker. The head and face sculpt are well done, and is undoubtedly Sunstreaker. Articulation is superb with a full range of motion in Sunstreaker’s legs and arms, as well as full ankle tilt, ninety degree bend at the elbow and at the knees. While there’s no ab crunch, there is a full waist rotation available due to transformation. Posing Sunstreaker however you want is not a problem, whether he’s rocking those good looks solo or next to his Countach twin, Sideswipe.

Sunstreaker is currently in stock and waiting for you to order him right now at for $21.99 or you can check out in the wild, as he should be starting to appear on retail store shelves.

I give Earthrise Deluxe Class Sunstreaker 4/5 Wizard Stars

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