G.I. Joe 10 Inch Budget Kids Line On Shelves Now

G.I. Joe has gone budget with a no-frills kids line made on the cheap. Note that’s made on the cheap– they’re not actually that inexpensive. Retailing at $9.99 -$19.99 different reports are coming in compared to what the rang up for each. They can be on the high side compared to the Morphin’ Hero Power Rangers line that has the same three points of articulation comes with a weapon and has a quick change helmet gimmick. The Power Rangers cost $14.99 and the Joes come with one weapon, three points of articulation, and they are five bucks more.

So it almost seems that Hasbro upped the price on these because the Classified line has been selling so well? I can tell you this most G.I. Joe collectors will pass on these and they should. They are for kids– if your kids are playing with your Good Joes, then sure, get them these to trick them into not touching the real Joes.

Now before you cry foul about them making such a lame kids toy, remember that Hasbro makes toys and most toys are made for kids. These toys are made for kids– seriously you 30-40 year olds are not the suggested market for these at all, not a bit. Did you know that they do in fact sell really well?

I had the same discussion with Bandai back in the day when they made some of the five point cheap toys for the kids marketplace. If those are the toys are being made they had to compete with the other cheap toys. They really perform well at the cheap price point, but why is that? They are cheap and parents and Grandparents don’t know any better, and ta-da– they buy them. Simply put, that’s why these toys sell and that’s why these toys are made.

What is good from this finding? We get a good look at what might be the Classified Storm Shadow. If this is the look they are going for an non Arctic missions Storm Shadow, I am good with it.

Shout out to Toyshiz for the updates and photo credits.

Size 10 inches

Points of articulation 3

Retail $19.99 each

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