Innovation Point Metal Power Zeo Megazord

Innovation Point showed off the Zeo Megazord for the Metal Power line at a trade show in Asia. These Metal Power line Megazords are metal and plastic action figures that do not combine. They are just highly articulated action figures. This is the second figure in the line– the first was the Thunder Megazord. Both Megazords are very articulated and made for dynamic posing and each has multiple extra parts. The Zeo Megazord comes with eight hands five interchangeable helmets along with wings and a giant sword. As of this writing, Toy Wizards has no release date for these figures.

Since these are licensed by Hasbro, we will see a release over here at some point so stay tuned and make space in your Detolf.

Thunder Megazord Article Link Below

Innovation Point Metal Power Thunder Megazord 

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