Gridman SSSS.DYNAZENON Announced

From the upcoming anime scheduled to air in Spring 2021, “SSSS.DYNAZENON”, comes a deluxe combinable collectible action figure of Dynazenon! The pre-painted ABS complete robot stands at about 25cm and no stickers, decals, or other things are needed to have him at maximum display. The figure is combinable, and features mechanized joints. Each joint’s wide range of articulation makes dynamic poses more than possible. Interchangeable hand parts are included along with a special stand base. Preordering it now means you’ll get it right as the anime airs – so don’t wait!

  • The total height is about 250 mm. Painted ABS product (no sticker required).
  • Complete reproduction of the combined gimmick. Built-in various mechanisms throughout the body.
  • Dynamic action poses are possible due to the wide range of motion.
  • Replacement wrist and dedicated pedestal included.

Release date: April 2021 Scheduled release
price: 20,000 yen + tax
Specifications: ABS painted combined figure, dedicated pedestal included, head height: Approximately 250 mm (when standing upright)
Prototype production: Astray’s
production cooperation: Sentinel

Available – April 2021

Retail – $194.78 USD

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