Power Rangers Dino Fury Action Figures First Look

Bursting through the walls is our first look at a new basic assortment figure for Power Rangers Dino Fury Pink Ranger. This figure has the same look and feel as the current Beast Morphers figures we know. The gimmick however is pitifully small and underwhelming. Sure, this is what we know we will get– the US toys for some time have not been as good as the Japan releases. But as we know, Hasbro is totally separate from Bandai Japan and the two companies do not share molds or engineering.

We will continue to see much different toys Japan versus US. They don’t have the partnership that Hasbro has with Takara Tomy that makes the Transformers such good toys over here. You can see that lack of Japanese engineering in the Megazords already and in the new Dino Fury Gimmick. The figure itself features articulation and paint apps are great for the US price point and not being Lighting Collection.

Comparison below for the Ryusoulger Ryu Soul  and the US counterpart– not sure of the size but from what I have seen it is considerably smaller. Not to mention no sculpted details, just a sticker. What do you think?

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  1. they look terrible, I was expecting better from hasbro especially since this gemick unfolds to reveal the knight.

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