Power Rangers Lightning Collection Spectrum Series Monster Boxes Are Showing Up At Target Now

We already know that Hasbro’s Power Rangers Lightning Collection Wave Seven Spectrum series are Target exclusives. However, now we have even more. Both DX monsters King Sphinx and Pumpkin Rapper have now shown up at Target.

Both boxes would not scan however the cashier at a specific Target overrode that and let the fortunate Power Rangers Fan take them home. These have not been announced and it a very nice surprise for fans of the new Spectrum boxes like I am. These boxes are so much nicer than the regular white boxes– I never want to go back. You can start hunting but I doubt we will get these guys till after Thanksgiving or even December 1st but it is something to look for.

These are Target exclusives, which means that the hunt is now on. Note the website shows regular white boxes so Target stores may receive different boxes in waves at store. Now, what is strange is that the White Ranger was not a Target exclusive but someone out there in Collector’s Land found a Spectrum Series version.

Monster Image Credits Richard Hudspeth

Images from Social media showing black box figures in hand

Wave 7 Spectrum Boxes

For the Lightning Collection Wave 07, Target stores will be receiving a special “spectrum” series of packaging.  Full side-profile pictures by artist Tom Whalen with black packaging and holofoil logo – this is something collectors do not want to miss to leave in box.  The ultimate “keep it in the box” addition to any collection.

These will be available exclusively to Target.

Compare the White Box to the Black Box

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