Hasbro Shows Off PCS Collectibles Power Rangers Goldar and Rita Statues (and we really need to talk about the ugly Rita one)

I didn’t think we’d be back with another PCS Collectibles Snarkticle this quickly after the unpleasant… experience… that was the budget line G.I. Joe Baroness statue. But alas, here we are again, and at this point, I’m confident that whomever is overseeing these lower end $50 line up of creations based on Hasbro licenses doesn’t know what women in pop culture look like.

I get it– it’s a 3D rendering of the Rita statue. The final product very well might not look like this. But if that is the case… show off a picture of the statue. Maybe even the prototype? Because as with many Rita Repulsa/Bandora inspired toy pieces, this one is a swing and a miss and doesn’t inspire me to purchase said item. Which is really a shame, because Machiko Soga was a beautiful, expressive, dynamic actress both as Rita and in the other roles she played on Super Sentai over its history.

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Now, if there is something tied up in Copyright hell about the usage of Machiko’s likeness and therefore for US produced toys we need to use Carla Perez’s Rita, that’s fine– it would make sense. But even then, these toys and collectibles never fully lean into Carla’s face either.

See the source image

I look at this new Rita statue and I don’t know what to do with it except react strongly and badly. I love warrior babe representation– I love female action figures. I am a girl, I collect girls! But when you give me shit that looks like that Baroness statue, or this Rita statue…

But then produce statues of the Power Rangers proper, or the Goldar that was announced alongside Rita that looks pretty damn good…

How are fans not set up for failure? Rita looks, first of all, not like the Asian woman she is and deserves to be. And second, not camera ready. Her mouth is wrong, her makeup isn’t painted on. This outlandish cartoony over the top villainy is part of what makes Rita who she is. I’m convinced more and more that people are afraid to let women be huge, cartoonish villains or schtick-bit characters. I think it confuses people because they’ve been trained to view women sexually or as pure and angelic. This Rita statue doesn’t look like a monster boss queen who is going to make some monsters grow and mess up your day. She looks like you left the toilet seat up and forgot to take out the trash.

But on the topic of trash, if you want to purchase this Rita statue ($49.99, shipping April 2021) you can do so here. I really hope the final product is better than this render art that is being used to advertise the piece.

Goldar is available for preorder too, shipping April 2021 and costs $49.99.

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