POP! Animation Masters of the Universe Beast Man 10-inch Convention Exclusive On Sale Today only At GameStop

On today’s GameStop Daily Deals, fans will see discounts on all types of goodies, which are online only. One of those great things is a giant Beast Man, exclusive to GameStop, that is now affordable with the discount. It is on sale for $29.99 that means you need to add just $5.00 more then it gets free shipping. For a trivia tip on the classic show John Erwin is the voice of Beast Man in He-Man & the Masters of the Universe. That’s right He-Man “John Erwin” was also the voice of Beast Man.

POP! Animation: Masters of the Universe Beast Man 10-inch Fall Convention 2020 Only at GameStop 

Available – Now

Retail – $50.00 today only November 10th $29.99

Gamestop Direct Link

Full sale link Here

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