Crowtoys Reveals Tokusatsu Inspired Samurai Beetle Statues

If you’re craving a Toku inspired Beetle creation that is part Samurai Hero and part monster of the day, look no further. These insect inspired samurai figure is a great addition to any collection. The unique figure is highly detailed and fully articulated with the looks of a beetle mixed with a samurai warrior. It features real fabric clothing and several interchangable accessories. Figures come in colored cardboard packaging.

Three creations were announced in this line– Dshitra in blue, Brave Airo in orange, and Haunted Hollow in red. Each of these costs $109.99 and will ship Q1 2021. I think they would look amazing on any Power Rangers, Beetle Borg, or Kamen Rider inspired shelf, so add them to your collection today!


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