Toy Wizards Review: UFO Drone Flying Toy by Kargowell

Toy Wizards would like to thank Kargowell/Jabago for providing us a sample of the UFO Drone Flying Toy for review. You can get your own for $24.99 on Amazon today.

Talk about the toy of the year that completely surprised me– this one might be it.

Now, let me be direct by saying that this toy is very… very, very… very much from China. Which means that there are 300 versions of it on Amazon and none of them are licensed. Which means that honestly, they’re very likely all the same toy. But because this was the brand that reached out to us with the review request, this is the one that we’re linking.

Due to technical issues, the video I took of this thing flying around my living room isn’t working, but we’re going to roll with it.

This UFO drone toy is really cool! It’s a little bit loud, but personally, if I was a kid I would lose my mind. You hold it up, remove your hands from the bottom, and it is off and flying! If you place your hands back under it, it rises up higher. If you put your hands to the side while it’s flying, it changes the drone’s direction. Truthfully, it made me feel like a total Airbender and it was fun to dance around under it with fancy hand movements.

Now, what did the kids think of it? Well, they fought over it, which is a good sign that this thing is exciting. The battery life is pretty good, and it charges in about half an hour. And holy mother, it comes with the most exciting charging cable I’ve ever seen in my life. It’s blue and the light spirals through the cable.

Using this toy inside is great because it’s super light weight and even if it crashes into your collectibles, it just falls to the ground. So far, it hasn’t broken.

While I’m more careful these days of review products I receive from China, this drone is really a fun and nice product. I definitely recommend it and my kids and I are having a lot of fun with it.

I give the UFO Drone toy 4/5 Wizard Stars.

Official Description via Amazon (quality of English not guaranteed):

  • 🎁HIGH-TECK UFO DRONE WITH SENSITIVE SENSOR PROBE, AVOID OBSTACLES AUTOMATICALLY: This amazing hand operated drone will improve children’s motion and spatial perception, The UFO Drone will attract your child’s attention, keep them away from Games and TV. Make them start to move and play. It’s suitable for multiple Children or Adults to play together as well. It’s a Fun gravity defying hover drone for boys, girls, tweens teens, grownups and Adults. Easy to Control by anyone.
  • 🎁UPGRADED MOTOR CORE AND MAGICAL CHARGING CABLE: The motor of the UFO drone uses high quality motor cores, which make the drone more stable during flight. The hand operated drone is equipped with a magnetic suction streamlined fast charging cable, which can charge the hand operated drone faster. At night, it will become a blue water Flowing effect magical line, as if energy is continuously being delivered to the UFO drone, which make your children love the hand operated drone even more.
  • 🎁GOOD SAFETY AND ANTI-COLLISION ABILITY FOR THE FUN UFO INTERACTIVE AIRCRAFT: The drone is a gravity defying hover drone, which is very fun. This UFO Drone adopts a mesh structure, which can effectively prevent children’s fingers from accidentally hitting the drone’s propeller. At the same time, the drone is made of non-toxic ABS material, which has better anti-drop and anti-collision capabilities.
  • 🎁MULTIPLAYER INTERACTION MODE: The Interactive flight mode of the hand scoot drone can make children understand the joy of sharing. It’s a great toy to build relationships when play with the hand operated drone together, especially at fun birthday parties or on other activities. The UFO drone is easy charging via USB port using your computer, laptop, power bank, phone charger adapters. With the fast Charging cable, you can have more fun with the drone for longer time.
  • 🎁PERFECT GIFTS FOR BOYS, GIRLS AND ADULTS WITH ASSURED QUALITY: You can bring the drone as gifts to your families and children. This Hand Operated Drone can make them excited. We are very confident that your families and your friends will love our UFO hand operated drones. Just be excited and enjoy the UFO drone in Jabago Store!

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