Goliath is Giving You the Perfect Games for your Next Secret Santa Party

Jingle bells, jingle bells! Jingle all the way!

Oh, what fun it is to ride! In a one-horse open sleigh!

Are you singing along? Don’t lose sight of holiday joy! Look for extra ways to spread some cheer during the year that needs it most.

Let’s take Secret Santa to the next level with budget friendly board games. Sending a Christmas card to loved ones? Throw in Magic Tooth Fairy and the Treasure Hunt board games!

Kids will smile with joy when they open up these unexpected gifts in the mail from their Secret Santa!

In the Magic Tooth Fairy game, your tooth is feeling a little loose — not to worry!

The tooth fairy is here to turn your loose tooth into a glittering gold coin! Players move around the board taking care of their smiles. When they lose a tooth and go to bed, they place it under their pillow, and like magic, a gold coin appears.

  • Kids will love the magic trick happening before their eyes
  • Be the first player to collect 4 coins to win!
  • Gameplay recreates all the tension and excitement of losing a tooth, including that wobbly tooth dilemma — all while easing kids’ fears about their own teeth

Arr me mateys! It’s time to pull out the Treasure Hunt game to find the treasure that’s hiding right under your nose!

Your house becomes a treasure trove as you take turns giving clues and searching for treasure in your own room. Is it red? A circle? Does it start with the letter A? Be the first pirate to follow the clues on the treasure map and collect the most gold coins for your treasure chest to wins.

  • Perfect for little pirates – practice your directions, letters, and colors!
  • Wipe-away treasure map makes for unlimited gameplay

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