Star Wars The Mandalorian Remote Controlled Walking Baby Yoda Pre-Order

Embrace your guardian skills when you assume control of the Child from Star Wars: The Mandalorian. Using the wrist strap remote control unit with its joystick, you can command the creature affectionately known as ”Baby Yoda.” Make him follow you, spin around, move his ears, head and arms, play hide and seek, make sounds, and more.Magic in the details

  • Includes the Child Real Moves Plush, remote control, and Mythosaur necklace
  • Remote control unit attaches to wrist
  • Remote Control functions:

Joystick: Use to move the Child forwards, backwards, side to side, and in a circle 

Force Movement: Press the purple button to make the Child’s right arm move up and down

Hide and Seek: Press the blue button and the Child will wait 10 seconds for you to hide, then begin to search the room

Sounds: Press the green button to hear the Child make various babbling noises and other sounds

Curious: Press the red button and the Child will walk around and explore the room

Follow: Press the yellow button then walk normally with your hand down towards your waist and the Child will follow you around the room

Head action: Press the orange button to make the Child’s head and ears move

  • Rubberized body with painted detailing
  • Burlap coat with faux fur trim coat
  • Metal Mythosaur pendant with leather strap with screw fastening
  • Comes in Hover Pram packaging box
  • Inspired by Star Wars: The Mandalorian on Disney+

Available – November 2020

Retail – $69.99

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