JND Studios Wonder Woman 1984 Hyperreal Wonder Woman 1/3 Scale Statue

If you’re looking to spend some serious money on a Wonder Woman statue, this might be the one for you. For the rest of us.. eep! Let’s just sit back and admire the artistry.

The Wonder Woman statue was created by Soyoung Lee, a well-renowned artist in the industry.  She has put on a full display of her skills to create a magnificent rendition of the famous DC Comics character.

With 3D design by Da-Hye Kim,  the golden armour took craftmanship to the limits to recreate the most amazing version of Wonder Woman’s Costume. The armor is comprised of 90 pieces and the artists were able to capture the most intricate details of the costume. Sculpting, painting, hair rooting, and glass eye production – all of the main parts of this hyperreal creation came together under the leadership of Art Director Kojun at the JND Studios. 

This statue costs $2,299.99 and ships Q4 2021.

Product Features

  • 26 inches (66.04cm)
  • Made of silicone, plastic, and glass
  • Rooted hair
  • High quality painted golden eagle armor
  • Based on the “Wonder Woman 1984” movie

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