Toy Wizards Review: Dino-Riders Rulon Warriors Battle Pack

Toy Wizards would like to thank Entertainment Earth for supplying a sample copy of the EE Exclusive Dino-Riders Rulon Warriors Battle Pack by Mattel. You can purchase your own set for $19.99 from Entertainment Earth today. It will ship February 2021.

Before I begin this review, I’d like to give myself a super awesome pat on the back for stating in my video that I will show you the back of the box and then getting to excited to actually show the back of the box.

Skills and talent– I has them.

While I personally do not like the expression “The little surprise that fell into our laps” because it discounts the years of research and development that goes into a product at any point in time, I have to definitely use it to express my current sentiment about Mattel/Entertainment Earth’s new exclusive set here– what a surprise! While a box filled with keshi-style plastic soldier MUSCLE figures isn’t exactly what all toy collectors wanted, I think there’s an overwhelming majority of toy lovers that very enthusiastically collect this sort of toy.

And if you do collect keshi and other small plastic styles of toys, you’re really really going to like this set.

All of the dinosaurs are replicas of actual Dino-Riders toys that came out between 1988-1992. Remember– Dino-Riders was (more or less) an unsuccessful toy line by Tyco. Once Mattel absorbed the company, that IP went right along with them. I think viewing the past through the lenses of nostalgia makes children-now-adults of a bygone era forget that maybe the thing they loved didn’t do well on the market. Maybe it is a financial risk. And while there are plenty of very happy toy collectors celebrating the return of Dino-Riders in this miniature plastic soldier form, there are a few people snarking the a “proper” Dino-Riders revival needs to happen.

Sometimes, those things are already well into the works and we will see new toys in like four months. But other times, small sets like these are a test run of market interest. If you want to see a full on Dino-Riders revival, put your money where your mouth is and buy this set. It only costs $20 and the box art is just as awesome and radical as you remember it!

As for the quality of the toys, the dinosaurs are super detailed and clear. I only saw one sort of thick seam behind one character and the rest of them were perfect and sturdy and streamlined. The set comes with tons of little riders, some on bases and others ready to mount a monster. I’m extremely happy with it and I think it’s an awesome return to what very well could be a forgotten and failed toy line. It didn’t last many seasons and the cartoon slipped into obscurity after less than a full television season. But the memories of Dino-Riders prevailed and here we are today with a new toy. Cheers to Mattel for consistently being the Dinosaur toy master and being brave enough to pull this IP back out.

I give the new Dino-Riders Rulon Warriors Battle Pack 5/5 Wizard Stars and Raptor Teeth.

Official Entertainment Earth Description:

It’s the heroic Valorians versus the evil Rulon Alliance in this exciting Dino-Riders Rulon Warriors Battle Pack – Entertainment Earth Exclusive. Recreate epic battle sequences inspired by the 1980s toy line and Dino-Riders animated series or create your own new adventures!

This special edition collection contains 6 dinosaurs and 15 other figures, including such classic characters as Rulon leader Krulos, Bitor, Boldar, and Dino-Riders hotshot Llahd. Whether you’re discovering Dino-Riders for the first time or you’ve been a fan since you were a kid, you do not want to miss this sensational opportunity to Harness the Power of Dinosaurs! Each figure measure approximately 1-inch tall and the dinos measure approximately up to 7-inches long. Ages 6 and up.

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