Mattel Creations Masters of the Universe Skeletor Is Live For Limited Pre Orders

Mattel Creations has launched several interesting Toy Art Projects. These include Barbie, Hot Wheels, Skeletor, and Magic 8 Ball. So far, what they are doing is clear 75th anniversary versions of there best selling toys. There is also a blueprint and art print for the different toys available now with more to come. The pre sales are limited but they don’t say to how many or till when other than release dates. The Hot Wheels 70s ish paperweight is already sold out. The Skeletor is however not the original 82 version but the new Masters of the Universe Origins molds in clear. To see all the offering at Mattel Creations click below.

Mattel Creations



Originally introduced in 1982, Masters of the Universe captured the imaginations of kids with its “often imitated, but never duplicated” 5.5-inch action figure with exaggerated muscle tone. Step back inside of Eternia with new, reimagined figures that feature more articulation, but maintain the same signature form factor that have collectors shouting, “By the Power of Grayskull!” Skeletor is clearly a powerhouse figure that captures the retro style, and upgrades the inner workings for the modern collector.

But that’s why we love him! Eternia’s favorite villain to hate doesn’t just talk the talk. When we created him in 1982, we designed him with 17 points of articulation, giving him all the right moves to chase the Power of Greyskull™. After all, it’s rightfully his. He’s engineered with cold molding (to match his cold heart) so his interior joints allow for articulation and can still be bonded to his evil, creepy skin. All-together, this Lord of Destruction is comprised of 45 malicious components. 

Pre Order open now Limited Quantities

Available – March 1st 2021

Retail – $50.00

Mattel Creations Link

Art of Engineering Skeletor® Print

The construction of evil revealed. Skeletor® design schematic. 24×36 inches. Screen print with matte finish.

Pre Order open now Limited Quantities

Available – November 20th 2020

Retail – $75.00

Mattel Creations Link


Watching her daughter play with paper dolls inspired Ruth Handler in 1959 to design a three-dimensional doll that would go on to inspire girls for generations. The iconic Barbie® doll is not only a gamechanger in the world of play, she’s a gamechanger in the world of engineering. Barbie® transforms and transcends the traditional play experience associated with paper dolls by introducing articulation that allows for dressing up and posing with ease. The doll that started it all is clearly in her element.

Pre Order open now Limited Quantities

Available – July 5th 2021

Retail – $75.00

Mattel Creations Link

Magic 8 Ball®

The Magic 8 Ball® didn’t roll out as a ball, but rather as a cylinder containing a single die in liquid known as the Syco-Seer. In 1950 the Syco-Seerwas transformed into the shape of a pool ball as part of a billiards company promotion, and it was this magic moment in which the Magic 8 Ball® was created. In this clear form, the magic behind the Magic 8 Ball® is revealed, and its innerworkings are similar to those of the original Syco-Seer. Is the Magic 8 Ball® an achievement in engineering? Signs point to yes!

Pre Order open now Limited Quantities

Available – March 1st 2021

Retail – $50.00

Mattel Creations Link

Hot Wheels® Bone Shaker®

Well, actually it was a garage, where they were challenged by our co-founder, Elliot Handler, to create a toy car that was cooler and faster than anything on the market. The result was a die-cast car with a special axle and wheel combo that made it the fastest roller of its day. The Hot Wheels® car was born. One of the most iconic Hot Wheels cars ever launched was the Bone Shaker®, imagined by one of our most legendary designers, Larry Wood.

Sold Out

Official Mattel Press Release:

It all began in a garage, with the words Mattel Creations painted above it. This was our birthplace of ideas that inspired the creativity of generations and created the toys that have transcended toyboxes to influence pop culture. Working within it, were the creators who began our company and set us on our journey to where we are today.

To honor our creative legacy, in our 75th year, we’re launching a new brand, Mattel Creations – an e-commerce and content platform that will feature curated items for sale; highlight creator collaborations, past and present; and offer a peek into the creative process. This is a global platform that will offer our brands as a canvas to the most innovative creators of today and tomorrow. 

Collaboration has always been an integral part of Mattel’s heritage and Mattel Creations celebrates our iconic brands with unique, limited-edition iterations from today’s top artists, designers, musicians and creators working in collaboration with Mattel’s own top creative talent. Together they’re creating entirely new collections where toys are art, and art is inspired by toys. 

Purpose is core to Mattel’s mission and Mattel Creations is dedicated to giving back to the next generation of creators. So we are teaming up with ProjectArt, which offers tuition-free, after-school art classes to children in divested areas. Through ProjectArt, Mattel designers will connect with rising students to cultivate creativity and the next generation of creative talent. 

Follow @mattelcreations and check out our inaugural drop celebrating some of our iconic brands including Barbie, Hot Wheels, Masters of the Universe and Magic 8 Ball. Our new platform kicks-off today with the collections featured below and will be followed with weekly new drops. You don’t want to miss what’s next. 

Creativity has always been our superpower. And we’re just getting started. 

  • Art of Engineering – This limited-edition collection, is designed specifically to give you a clear look at what goes into making some of our most iconic toys from Hot Wheels Bone Shaker to Barbie and Skeletor to Magic 8 Ball. 
  • Patent Prints – Art posters of four iconic figures in schematic designs. Available as both limited-edition foil prints and a classic screen-prints.
  • Artist Collaboration Collection – Art prints featuring four exceptional, emerging artists who have been inspired by our brands to create art from our toys. The collection features:   
    • Gianni Lee for Masters of the Universe – A multidisciplinary artist, Gianni Lee, reimagines the progression of Skeletor from Masters of the Universe through years of battling He-man. 
    • Cristina Martinez for Barbie – Painter, Cristina Martinez, is inspired by the evolution of Barbie evolution over the past 60+ year and she’s developed a stylish, new depiction of the iconic doll for a diverse generation. 
    • Distortedd for Magic 8 – Philadelphia illustrator and artist, Distortedd, uses her wild imagination to recreate Magic 8-Ball in her signature aesthetic. 
    • Travis Ragsdale for Hot Wheels – 3D artist and animator, Travis Ragsdale, brings the Hot Wheels Bone Shaker to life as an energetic trip through his brain on an endless orange track. 

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