Waxwork Records Presents Spinatures Universal Monster Collectibles

Waxwork Records is coming out with a new collectible toy line, Universal Horror. The first toy to be released from the collection is the ever popular and spooky Frankenstein! Well, his monster at least. You know who we’re talking about! These collectibles are designed to rest on the spindle of a record player and spin along with the record as it plays, but it can also be displayed in cases, on tables, etc.

Waxwork Records was kind enough to supply me with a sample of this item for review, and believe you me, I am going to take a video of Frankenstein spinning on my record player! But regardless, it’s a really cool looking likeness of the character and I can’t wait for that Lon Chaney Phantom of the Opera to hit shelves!

For more information, visit Waxwork Records’ official website.

Official Waxwork Records Press Release:

Waxwork Records is beyond thrilled to announce their entrance into the toys and collectibles market with SPINATURES. Spinatures are highly detailed turntable-spinner mini-busts featuring iconic characters from pop culture, horror movies, and beyond. SPINATURES are fitted with a hole in their base to easily attach to the spindle of your turntable and then spin along with your favorite records. No turntable? No problem! Waxwork took into account that not all collectors are vinyl enthusiasts. Collectors of quality toys and figures may also enjoy SPINATURES by proudly displaying their favorite characters virtually anywhere. Any home or office setting is perfect for SPINATURES. Computer desks, bookshelves, toy and collectible display cases, counter tops, even car dashboards. Waxwork worked closely with various studios, rights holders, and family estates to ensure that the likeness of each character was officially approved.

Waxwork is proud to present FRANKENSTEIN, from their Universal Horror Line, as their very first Spinature. This official Universal Monster product was designed and produced by Waxwork and features the iconic monster from the landmark 1931 horror film with the
likeness of legendary actor Boris Karloff. Many more official Universal Monster Spinatures are to come Fall 2020 and throughout the 2020 Holiday season including The Bride of Frankenstein, Dracula, The Mummy, The Phantom of the Opera, The Creature From The Black Lagoon, The Wolfman, and The Invisible Man!

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