X-Men Marvel Legends New Mutants Dani Moonstar and Sepford Cuckoos Are Back At Entertainment Earth

Walgreens exclusives can be tricky. You either have a store that is filled with them sitting there forever or there is nothing on the shelf. This means some Marvel Legends come and go very fast. Two very special figures are being re-offered now over at Entertainment Earth. The catch is that with both figures, you have to buy three of to get the full value out of them. Why? Because each figure comes with three heads so you can make one of three each in the sets.

Dani Moonstar comes with her weapons and features but also two more heads and four more hands. This lets you also build more new mutants Wolfsbane and Karma. That is a lot of the New Mutants in on box if you buy it three times. The Stepford Cukcoos are all clones of Emma Frost so this is much easier and also comes with three heads to make any one of them or again buy all three and blame you are set. Both of these figures long gone from Walgreens and therefore prices are much higher on the secondary market. So if you missed the boat the first time, we warned you. The pre order links are below as well as the secondary market Amazon for reference on the good deal you are getting with Entertainment Earth.

X-Men Marvel Legends New Mutants Dani Moonstar 6-Inch Action Figure – Exclusive

This X-Men Marvel Legends Dani Moonstar Action Figure includes bow and arrow accessories, inspired by the mutant hero’s weapon of choice. Also included are 2 alternate character heads and 4 alternate hands, allowing fans to imagine epic scenes with other members of the New Mutants team.

Part of a group of superhuman young mutants, Dani Moonstar, has the power to conjure illusions based on her enemy’s deepest fears. The New Mutants are a team of teenaged superheroes who first appeared in the pages of Marvel comics in the early 1980s as a spin-off from the iconic X-Men franchise. This premium quality Dani Moonstar action figure from the Marvel Legends Series makes a great addition to any fan collection. Wolfsbane and Karma

Available – March 2021

Retail – $20.99

EE Pre Order Link

Amazon Link

X-Men Marvel Legends Stepford Cuckoos 6-Inch Action Figure – Exclusive

Psychically linked mutants, the Cuckoo sisters are powerful clones of the telepath Emma Frost. The high quality, realistic, 6-inch Legends Series Stepford Cuckoos figure features multiple points of articulation and is a great addition to any action figure collection. Includes figure and 5 accessories.

Available – January 2021

Retail – $20.99

EE Pre Order Link

Amazon Link

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