Tiny Headed Kingdom Welcomes Plush Unicorn to its Diverse Animal Kingdom

Today, something very unique and interesting happened to me– I was introduced to the Tiny Headed Kingdom. Not only that, but I was given the chance to learn more about Honeythunder (yup, my new Valkyrie name) and the brand’s new, much-anticipated plush unicorn.

I didn’t mean to succumb to the gimmick. I didn’t. But the charming toy photography won me over, and the tiny heads to massive giant bodies evoked love in that A Boy and His Blob or Big Hero 6 sort of way.

I love it.

According to official information from the Tiny Head brand, the passionate Tiny Headed community has been eager to welcome HONEYTHUNDER to the ever growing Kingdom — a land that celebrates inclusivity and diversity through big-hearted love. 

In fact, that’s their motto — tiny heads, big hearts. 

“We know we are different and we are for people who feel different too. The amazing thing about it — in the Kingdom, we get to be different together. Not only is it more fun, it’s a heck of a lot easier. You don’t have to change, hide or pretend — all you have to do is show up.” – Tiny Headed Kingdom.

There are currently eight characters that make up the Tiny Headed Kingdom. Each quirky and huggable in their own way, what binds them together is the acceptance and compassion they have for one another.

About HONEYTHUNDER (Size: 15”; Retail Price: $32.00)

How fantastical is the magical HONEYTHUNDER? Their tiny head can’t be bothered by words like real. One day, HONEYTHUNDER turned an empty paper towel roll into a telescope! Magic? Not really. Until they looked through it and suddenly they could see the very best in everyone.

HONEYTHUNDER is our squishiest, most huggable release yet, and they will make a great addition to your editorial planning. Check out www.tinyheadedkingdom.com for more details and to see the entire Kingdom of plush animals and merchandise. 

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