Hasbro’s Marvel Legends Retro 3.75 Inch Figure Line

Hasbro is following the trend that Super7 laid down. The retro 80s limited articulation action figure style has made a comeback. That is all what the ReAction line been doing for years now. Mezco even launched a retro line called 5points last year and now Hasbro has joins the game. These figure are much less detailed and articulated, which means they can be made in more volume and cheaper. The retro look gives you vibes of Secret Wars and Star Wars.

All of these figures come from the base of Fisher Price’s old Adventure People line this inspired the original Kenner Star Wars line. In a age of rising production prices you can see a trend to make them smaller and less detailed. Your full on Star Wars Black figures are starting to hit $24.99 per figure. These guys are retailing at $20.00 for two figures. Each two pack has both carded figures in a box with more retro stylized artwork.

It is not John Byrne art– the eyes are totally taken from the Bryne stamp book, but it is not his creations. At $10.00 a figure that is darn cheap and going up for pre order this week during Hasbro Pulse Con. These three sets are Hasbro Pulse Exclusives and a launch of the line. In 2021 we will get the full line in stores and no 1st edition stickers those are just these three packs.

Hasbro is launching a new Marvel Legends Retro 3.75-inch figure line. They’ll be available for pre-order on Hasbro Pulse beginning Friday, 9/25, at 5PM EST.

Available – Friday, 9/25, at 5PM EST / 2pm PST

Retail – $20.00 Each two pack

Shipping – December 2020

Hasbro Pulse

Black Panther Captain America Two Pack

Cyclops Iron Man Two Pack

Spider-Man Electro Two pack

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