More McFarlane DC Comics Multiverse Figures are on their way

These days there is no stopping McFarlane Toys and the onslaught of DC Multiverse action figures. The new reveals gives us the multiple very wanted figures. At this point we have to think he is reading out thoughts on what to make. The Drowned is Bryce Wayne from Earth 11 and a hold out for those of us collecting the evil Metal Knights. Damian Wayne with very large teenage ears we can see, but a very wanted Robin figure.

Red Son, the Soviet Superman from the Elseworlds books. The figure is missing the more soviet color on the suit but not sure where they are taking the reference on or is it molds they wanted to reuse. The Grim Reaper Batman with Bike is very, very exciting here in this reveal. One the figure looks fantastic from the end of current Death Metal series we know nothing about him except that Batman in a duster is cool and the only thing that could make him cooler is a badass bike. Figures have a release of January 2021.

The Drowned

Damian Wayne Robin

Red Son Superman

Grim Reaper Batman

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