Numskull Launches Back to the Future and Star Trek TUBBZ Cosplaying Ducks

When it comes to the most popular characters in pop culture, there are some very big fish, well ducks, diving into the TUBBZ pond and the feathers are rustling!  Make way for a piece of nostalgia with iconic Back to the Future and Star Trek new TUBBZ collectibles.

Numskull has skilfully designed these characters ensuring that they feature something unique to their character making them instantly recognisable.

Spock is doing ‘the Vulcan Salute’, of course, and there’s no mistaking those eyebrows.  Meanwhile Marty McFly is looking very sharp in his layered look with check shirt, denim jacket and puffa vest, check out the cuffs!

Introducing Back to the Future  Great Scott they are ducks!

As the movie gets set to celebrate its 35th anniversary on 20th October, something odd is going on in Hill Valley in 2020. The eccentric inventor, Doc Emmet Brown, has turned the Delorean into a time machine and is taking Marty McFly on some quacking time-travelling adventures.  Marty McFly is taking his video camera, he’s going to need evidence that he’s been to, er well, back to the future!

Introducing Star Trek  Beam me up!

Boldly going where no duck has been before, Captain James T Kirk, Spock, Leonard ‘Bones’ McCoy and Nyota Uhura are fleeing the pond to embark on a new mission on Starship Enterprise.  Trekkies everywhere are going to love these new collectibles, they are out of this world!

TUBBZ, cosplaying duck figurines, are replicas of characters from popular movie, video games, tv shows and comic books. They are highly collectable with all TUBBZ coming in their own tub featuring the movie logo and can easily stack on top of other TUBBZ making it easy to display collections.  Other brands in the range include, Ghostbusters, Lord of the Rings, The Lost Boys, Friends.  RRP: £12.99 (UK) / €14.99 (Euro) / $12.99 (US) / $19.95 (AUD) / $24.95 (NZ) / $16.99 (CAD) each.

You can see all available TUBBZ stock on BigBadToyStore. They cost $13.99 a piece and are either in stock or available for preorder now!

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