The Geek Store Lets You Say ‘How you doin’?’ to the brand new Friends Tubbz!

There are some new friends in town and this lot are eyeing up that world famous sofa in Central Perk, so time to move over and make space for the new Friends TUBBZ. The iconic best friends will be there for you as they are immortalised in a quirky new duck form.  So, say ‘how you doin’?’ to these duckmates: Rachel, Ross, Monica, Chandler, Joey and Phoebe.These characters feature some of their most well known poses/scenarios so there’s no mistaking the well loved group!
Joey doesn’t share food! We all know Joey doesn’t share food, from his meals at a restaurant with a date, to his legendary meatball sub. Here he is with a tasty slice of pizza. Maybe if you ask super nice he’d give you a bite? Ha – who are we kidding? Of course he wouldn’t! RRP £12.99/$12.99/14,99€
It’s Princess Consuela Banana Hammock, AKA, Phoebe Buffay!Let us set the scene for you. You’re sitting in Central Perk Café with a steaming hot cup of joe, served to you by the socially awkward blonde haired waiter (what WAS his name again?). Then out comes Phoebe with her guitar, she sits on her stool and starts playing… smelly cat? RRP £12.99/$12.99/14,99€
It’s Rachel Greene!At Geek Store, we love a strong independent woman who takes life in to her own hands! Introducing Rachel in her new duck form, ready to serve you a cup of coffee.RRP £12.99/$12.99/14,99€
 Our favourite dinosaur guy – Dr. Geller!When it comes to being a loveable dork, there’s no one quite like Ross Geller. Though no one really knows what he does, you can bet he’ll bore you to tears about it! RRP £12.99/$12.99/14,99€
What’s that? This Monica Tubbz is perfect? I KNOW!Who wouldn’t love a flat mate like Monica? A professional chef that LOVES to clean – we couldn’t image anything better! Here she is with her spray bottle, ready for a cleaning frenzy! RRP £12.99/$12.99/14,99€
Could he BE any more of a duck?!Last but certainly not least, who could forget the ultimate joker – Chandler Bing? Perfectly suited for his own cosplaying duck, seen here with his own pet duck! This Tubbz will be sure to have fans saying ‘OH. MY. GOD!’RRP £12.99/$12.99/14,99€
These six best friends are together forever, collect them all.  Remember when Monica was hiding Chandler in the bathtub?  Well, they all now have their very own tub to hide in as each character comes in its own individual stackable tub featuring the ‘Friends’ logo.TUBBZ, cosplaying duck figurines, are replicas of characters from popular movie, video games, tv shows and comic books. These are highly collectable with all TUBBZ coming in their own tub featuring the Friends logo and can easily stack on top of other TUBBZ making it easy to display collections.  RRP: £12.99 (UK) / €14.99 (Euro) / $12.99 (US) / $24.95 (AUD) / $16.99 (CAD) each.

You can see the entire inventory of Friends merchandise including TUBBZ, pins, and more at the Geek Store.

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