McFarlane Toys Announces Dune Action Figures

McFarlane Toys let loose a teaser and it was a massive worm sign. They will be making action figures for the new Dune film by director Denis Villeneuve. The image shows for figures no sign of Sandworms yet. This is a franchise that has not seen toys since 1984 and those are very sought after. You’re talking to a guy with seven sandworms– that is some serious Dune street cred there. The Four figures shown off are what we think are Duncan Idaho , Paul Atreides, Lady Jessica, and Stilgar.

Dune was originally published in 1965 by American author Frank Herbert. This spawned five novels and a total of 18 books in the Dune Universe. This monumental series made into several movies the first in 1984 by David Lynch. Two more movies by SciFi in Dune 2000 and Children of Dune in 2003. This newest 2020 version finally has the budget and director to really wow new people into the lore and satisfy the long time fans.

The figures look really detailed as we have come to expect from McFarlane Toys. No word yet if they will be widely available or an exclusive. I am hoping for wide release on this and Sandworms. The Build a Figure is in this line is the brutal enforcer of House Harkonnen, Rabban. Collect all 7-inch Dune figures to build the 7” Rabban.

Collect all 7-inch Dune figures to build the 7” Rabban

Trailer for Dune 2020

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