Hasbro Announces PulseCon Toy Exclusives, Sale Dates, and Guests

We have our first bit of information on Hasbro PulseCon. Fans will have a sneak peek of the exclusives on September 22nd. Then Hasbro Pulse Premium Members can buy items on the 23rd. The rest of the fans can then buy items on the 24th if there is anything left. Right now, everyone is buying or upgrading to Hasbro Pulse Premium Memberships in order to get early access to the exclusives. The fine print does say limit 1 item per person per day. This means if you are a Hasbro Pulse Premium member you can buy one item of each on the 23rd then again on the 24th. Double the items if you can get them in your cart.

These are all of the SDCC exclusives that could not make it to the cancelled event. Hasbro decided to put on their own virtual event instead in September since all the exclusives are running late anyways. Everyone is really hoping they have a chance at getting some of the exclusives– and we all know how well things have gone so far with Virtual online sales so far.

From Hasbro Pulse

Hasbro Pulse fans! The answer to your most asked question is finally here: the schedule for when you all can purchase this year’s 2020 Hasbro Convention Exclusives for US & CAN fans!! We’re kicking off Hasbro PulseCon early – don’t want to take you away from the awesomeness of the actual event! See below: 

Are you ready for Hasbro PulseCon? Well we have a VERY special sneak peek coming your way! Tune in to the Hasbro Pulse YouTube channel on

– 9/22 at 12pm EST for a preview of some of the awesomeness we have for you all! (For US & CAN fans only)

– 9/23 @ 12pm ET: EARLY ACCESS for Hasbro Pulse Premium Members (limited quantities, while supplies last – limit of 1 per customer)

– 9/24 at 12pm ET: Open to fans in US/CAN only (limited quantities, while supplies last – limit of 1 per customer)

Get ready! 

The cast of Beast Morphers is reuniting at PulseCon on September 26th! Tune in for behind the scenes stories, a live Q&A, never before seen footage, and a historic announcement…or should we say PREHISTORIC! It’s gonna be Morphinominal! 

He’s got the tools. He’s got the talent. Submit YOUR questions and maybe Ernie Hudson (Winston Zeddemore) will answer them at Hasbro PulseCon!

Known Exclusives So far

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