Hasbro is Fixing Power Rangers Lightning Collection Dino Thunder White Ranger Helmet and Replacing It For Customers

The Power Rangers Lightning Collection White Dino Thunder Ranger has been a hot topic for some time now. The issue in question? That the most important part of the figure– a critical paint app was left off the helmet. This mistake happened early on, and fans caught wind of the error when some of the figures got let loose and sold early in Malaysia. Toy Wizards had originally reported that those must have been mistakes because no way would Hasbro let loose such a important figure without a proper helmet. Were were insistent that this paint deco error must be QC issues and we would get fixed figures.

Nope– it was not an error. In fact, the early images of the figure have no black paint on the helmet visor at all. The figures then, much to our chagrin, arrived in stores in the US without paint on the visor in spite of the fact that it had been seen in promotional images with both painted visors. That said, in retrospect, unpainted versions were also shown off by Hasbro. We are horrified that these made it off the production line.

I personally can not believe Hasbro got that far into production and sales not knowing there was a seriously incorrect issue with this toy. It it was flat out wrong wrong. They cut costs and hoped for the best but, but this half-assed effort showed it was the worst. Fans have become outraged that the helmet does not have the proper paint job.

Not enough fan outrage to have more female figures, of course– that was silent still.

This made Hasbro change lanes and will now provide new helmet replacements to all unhappy fans. For eligibility, you need to contact them at Hasbro consumer care http://consumercare.hasbro.com. On top of that news, the White Dino Thunder action figure is available at Walgreens.com online for order, or to find a local store with them in stock. And hey, if Hasbro is fixing the helmet issue, that means that all of the ones with the missing paint app will be worth money in the future! Make sure you snag one and save it!

The Dino Thunder White Ranger is now available exclusively at Walgreens! We apologize for the deco issue and we’re making it right! Go to http://consumercare.hasbro.com to contact on receiving a replacement helmet for free! PREORDER: https://walgreens.com/store/c/power-

Power Rangers Dino Thunder White Ranger

6-INCH SCALE COLLECTIBLE DINO THUNDER WHITE RANGER ACTION FIGURE: This Power Rangers Lightning Collection action figure has premium painted details and design inspired by the Dino Thunder series

INCLUDES CHARACTER-INSPIRED ACCESSORIES: This Dino Thunder White Ranger toy includes multiple character-inspired accessories, and swappable heads, one of the Ranger in his helmet and one without 

INSPIRED BY POWER RANGERS DINO THUNDER: While investigating his father, Trent Fernandez-Mercer comes into contact with the White Dino Gem, morphing into the White Dino Thunder Ranger 

Available – Now

Retail – $19.99

Walgreens Link

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