NECA’s Back to the Future DeLorean is Shipping This Month

NECA has two surprises for Back to the Future fans– final in-package images of its brand-new 1/16 scale die-cast DeLorean time machine, and second, the fact that said 1/16 scale die-cast DeLorean is shipping this month.

Fortunately, this item is not an exclusive anywhere, so if you can find NECA toys on shelves, you will find this beauty. So, if your Target store has a good NECA selection, you’ll likely see it there. You can also purchase it online via the following:

BigBadToyStore – $49.99

Entertainment Earth: $49.99

And on a personal level, I’m curious to see what $50 of die-cast from NECA looks like since Jada Toys is able to create stunning die-cast cars for a far more affordable price, but perhaps its the size we’re dealing with here that is bumping the price.


Set the date to September 22, 2020 when the 6″ Diecast of the Time Machine from the Back to the Future Trilogy is set to ship out to retailers! Here are the final packaging photos prior to its release.

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