Toy Wizards Interview: UK Based Card Game Creator PatchGames

PatchGames, an indie card game maker in the UK, reached out to Toy Wizards and now we are buddies. Because everyone loves a good laugh, he was kind enough to send us a copy of Vegans Suck to play around with! And we thought, well, if we get to check out a card game that will help make us laugh, then our readers deserve the same opportunity! So Patch, please introduce yourself to Toy Wizards readers and tell us a little bit about your history as a fan of card games. I imagine that if you ultimately decided to become a creator of card games, you must have some fond memories about card games. 

My name is Patch and I am a teacher. I first fell in love with card games playing ‘racing demon’ when I was 8. We used to play as a whole family there are 6 of us in total and the games were very competitive and really good fun! 

You’ve described your games as punny. When it comes to politics or even the way we eat, sometimes all there is left to do is laugh. Who in your mind is your ideal audience?

Exactly! We have got to the point where our politics seems more like a reality TV show than an exercise of democracy. And there’s always someone telling you what you can and can’t eat. When did everyone become expert nutritionists? My ideal audience is those who view life for what it is, for those who can see through all the rubbish and think critically, and most importantly know when is the right time just to have a laugh. Everyone needs a laugh, especially now! 

Toy Wizards is a website for toy/game news and collectibles, so we know our readers want to know if you collect anything. Are you a toy collector? Do you play video games? 

I’m a massive collector of Airfix and I love the mix of creating something and learning about history. I also love losing myself in a new world especially in a video game. My first real game that I fell in love with, was Mario Kart on Nintendo, and then James Bond Nightfire on the Gamecube. (I don’t know how old that now makes me!) At the moment I’ve really enjoyed playing ‘FallGuys’ I love the family friendly nature of it and it gives me the same sort of feel as MarioKart once did. 

What are some items in your collection that might surprise some people?

Again, I have a lot of Airfix models. I think the sheer volume of them might be a surprise to some people. 

You mentioned that you are a teacher. What do you teach? Do any of your students play your games? What has been the overall reception of the games so far? Are they solidified or are they still finding the right people?

I teach Business and Computer Science. Originally I came up with the games to get my mentor students more engaged with politics. Mentoring was a 20 minute period at the beginning of the day, where students would get ready for their school day and we’d have a chat/discussion on what was going on in the world. At the time Brexit was dominating the news and I wanted them to think critically about it, and form their own opinion which they could articulately justify.

My first game; ‘The Brexit Game: ‘Are you Kiddin’ edition, was a great way to get them involved in a way that they didn’t seem to be forced upon them. It was also fun to play and punny. Some of this got them thinking about politics in a new way. When I started selling the games online, I had a few people saying things like the game looked very right wing. As a teacher I have made the game completely politically neutral, but I guess some people judge far too quickly. Again this is one of the things I am trying to shine a light on. We live in such a fast paced world where people make judgements about complex issues, or from merely a headline, or a quote taken out of context. We need to be more patient and take a bit more time before jumping to conclusions. 

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Forgetting the fees and costs of licensing for just a moment, what movie or franchise would you make a game based off right now?

Easy, it would be about Harry Potter being a spoilt brat! Everyone backs him in the film. But really he’s a rich spoilt kid. Especially when he’s on his way to Hogwarts for the first time and to impress his new friends he decides to take all of the sweets on the Hogwarts express. What about all the other kids in the carriages behind him? I mean come on! And people seem to love this guy! 

What is next in the pipeline for you?

I am currently making a game about Wokeness, it’s a questions game and it will test players’ knowledge on how woke they really are. It’s funny. Everyone is a preacher these days. Everyone wants to save the planet. But by becoming a vegan, and eating more avocados, I’m sorry that’s not helping. Especially if you then spend half your time on Instagram preaching about it, spending one hour on your phone is the equivalent of eating a Big Mac. Environmentally speaking. I think it’s one of those things that’s easier said than done. Obviously there are a few exceptions. But essentially I want to out everyone’s own hypocrisies. We’re not all perfect! And that’s ok! 

Where can Toy Wizards readers find you?

Instagram: @PatchGames 


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