SuperThings Are Taking Over Kaboom City (and your stockings) This Holiday Season!

BOOM! WHOOSH! POW! Discover over 80 characters with SuperThings! These powerful collectibles have taken over Kaboom City! Kick start your collection with the Series 1 comic book that tells the story of Kaboom City. Each superhero has a rival villain, and they all live in secret hideouts, drive awesome SuperCars and have incredible superpowers for taking on their rivals. There are tons of toys available for this up and coming line of toys, and we know the SuperThings will take over your Christmas Stockings this holiday season!

SuperThings are ordinary, everyday objects with superpowers. This innovative line of action toys empowers kids to reach deep within and play out their superhero dreams.  There are over 80 characters to collect with different levels of rarity. Each superhero has a corresponding rival, such as Mr. C (an orange) versus Jack the Juicer (a juicer, of course).

SuperThings is an awesome series of toys available now on Amazon, as well as a super cute web series on YouTube!

To learn all about this awesome toy line, you can visit the SuperThings official website or the extensive Amazon store to see all of the toy lines and inventory associated with this exciting kids brand of toys!

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