The Flycatcher Smarty PAD is Available on Amazon

The Smarty PAD from Flycatcher recently came under my radar and it reminds me so much of the educational games my sisters and I used to play as kids. Not that I have a problem with the cut and dry tablet, but for me as a kid in the late 80s/early 90s, there’s just a sensibility I’m attracted to. The grid aesthetic is so Mario Paint that is warms my heart. The colors are bright and exciting, and for the cost there are tons of ways to play. I’m definitely excited to change up my kids’ play routine and watch them play with this one!

The Smarty PAD from Flycatcher costs $34.99 and is available from Amazon today.

Official Description:

Flycatcher’s Smarty PAD interactive tablet gives preschoolers a new way to play and learn with 12 SMART games and an age-appropriate curriculum. Motion sensors give the lightweight tablet an innovative spin, encouraging unique sensory play. Colorful LED visuals and the PAD’s cheerful personality elicit endless giggles. Smarty PAD™ speaks in both English and Spanish as he plays with music, colors, patterns, ABCs, and numbers up to 25. He teaches phonics, language, early math, and beginning coding while nurturing small motor development and critical thinking. Positive reinforcement and helpful encouragement keep kids engaged and learning every time they play!
Requires 4 AA Batteries (not included)

PAD AlphabetPAD NumbersPAD ColorsPAD Coding
AlphabetLearn:The alphabet. You will see a letter, hear the sound of that letter and see an image that starts with that letter.Play 3 Games:Find the LetterCatch the LetterMatch the LetterNumbers 1 to 25Learn:Numerals one through twenty-five with both a numeral on the screen and audio for that numeral.Play 3 Games:Find the NumberCatch the NumberWatch comes NextColorsLearn:The colors of the rainbow. Touch any color and PAD will name the color you pressed and display an image in that color.Play 3 Games:MemoryRepeat the PatternCatch the ColorBeginning CodingLearn:The basics of coding and running a sequence.Play 3 Games:Color TagEscape RoomA-Maze-Ing
Smarty PAD
  • Motion sensors add an interactive dimension to the experience
  • Four games utilize movement and motor skills in their gameplay
  • Tilting the PAD allows for an immersive gaming experience
  • Over 100 random responses keep kids learning and laughing

Terrific Gameplay!

Smarty PADSmarty PADSmarty PAD
Interactive GameplayPushable LED lights and motion detection technology provide an immersive experience.Educational GameplaySkill-based and age-appropriate curriculum vetted by educators.Random GameplayOver 100 randomized responses keep kids learning and playing.

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