McFarlane Toys Reveals The Witcher: 12″ Geralt of Rivia

Coming Winter 2020: If there is a monster that needs to be slain a Witcher is what you will need, and there is none more renowned than the White Wolf, Gearlt of Rivia. This new figure of Geralt comes with his classic armor, his signature steel and silver swords and trophies from his latest contract. The 12-inch figure of the famed monster hunter will be available for pre-order this October!

There’s a very specific piece of information to pay attention to, and that’s the size and scale of this McFarlane piece– 12 inches of glory. This is likely why the price point has not been announced yet. Most McFarlane Toys are six inches and have an MSRP of $20. Will this be simply doubled and go for $40? Will they do the toy round up and hit $50? We’re not sure quite yet, but Toy Wizards will continue to report on this gorgeous piece as we learn more details!

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