Funko Releases Pop! Mashups to Celebrate Pixar’s 25th Anniversary

Movies — they make us laugh, they make us cry, and with a name like Pixar, you can add one more of that “cry” part. Because for the last 25 years, no other company (nope, not even you Don Bluth) has generated a torrential tsunami of emotions quite like Pixar. And in honor of that anniversary, Funko is releasing a fresh wave of Pop!s. Each Pop! in the wave is a Pizza Planet Alien from Toy Story dressed up as a recognizable Pixar character.

You can order a 10-inch Alien dressed as Sulley from Monster’s Inc. for $34.99, or 3.75-inch Alien as RozAlien as SulleyAlien as RandallAlien as Wall-EAlien as Mater, and Alien as Elastigirl. These smaller pieces cost $10.99 each and ship September 2020.

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