Marvel Legends Silver Centurion Iron Man Walgreens Exclusive Announced

Part of the Marvel Legends live stream today on Hasbro Pulse announced an new Iron Man exclusive. This new Iron Man is the Silver Centurion Iron Man. A pivotal point in the Iron Man comics as Tony Stark returns to the armor having left it in Rodney’s care.

First appearing in Iron Man 200, this new Silver Centurion suit was the first major change to the Iron Man armor that would be a trend going forward ever since. This new figure was only announced the figure is not available yet for pre-sale at Walgreens. The Iron Man 2020 armor is still available online and in some stores so don’t let that slip by you as we get ready for the Silver Centurion armor.

From Hasbro Pulse

The Marvel Legends Silver Centurion Iron Man figure will be available at Walgreens later this year. There is NOT a pre-order for this figure today following the livestream.

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