Super7’s Masters of the Universe Snake Mountain is Shipping Soon

The time of dreams are coming. Super7’s Masters of the Universe Snake Mountain is about to ship to the United States This doesn’t mean shipping to you yet. This means they are on a long boat. Then to a port to wait for truck to take them to a warehouse to be tossed into processing. Then they are shipping  to you. This is still weeks away. It’s a big wait but  this toy is on the way.

Super7’s Snake Mountain is the single largest Masters of the Universe project ever made. The incredible fact we are getting this gigantic playset is a feat of herculean efforts. In a day and age where playsets are a thing of a bygone age, Super7 is giving us a massive one to play with. Those of you that did Pre-Order this, you’re about to be happy. The lucky few will feel like Masters until your significant other sees the size of it and how much space it takes up.

Or worse, sees the bill for it.

From Super7

A Huge Dream. A Massive Undertaking. Shipping Soon!

  • Over 80 individual plastic parts
  • 842 spikes
  • One ancient crumbling bridge
  • 99 steps to the serpent’s mouth
  • One trap door net
  • 10 tons of steel molds used
  • 60 months in planning and production
  • 10 factory visits (137,680 miles traveled)

A lot went into making this huge dream come true, but it’s finally here. We’re expecting the first delivery of Snake Mountain to leave our factory at the end of the month! We can’t wait for everyone to receive this fantasy come to life and diving into the MOTU magic.

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  1. I cannot wait for this to show up! It’s been a long year and then some since pre-order. I was told from Super7 that shipping should start end of August/beginning September. Are you hearing different?

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