Power-Con 2020 Online He-Man Masters of the Universe Rundown

The Power-Con 2020 took place online this weekend and there was lots of news for those of you that love Masters Of The Universe. Now that Super7 primed the pump for years holding fans together with product, Mattel has really stepped back in to sell the franchise they almost forgot about. That said, the Masters of the Universe Line has shown to be off to a rocky start for 2020 (like everything else this year).

It’s been officially confirmed that for 2021 the Origins line is no longer exclusive to the dreaded Walmart. This means expanded distribution and more exclusives on other platforms. We will be getting a lot more in 2021… I repeat, a lot more. We got you covered if you missed the Zoom meeting on Sunday. And remember, Mattel has a new official hub (its portal to everything He-Man) at MastersoftheUniverse.com


Masterverse The Evolution of He-Man

These will be 7″ scale action figures made purely for the Adult Collector. Think Marvel Legends or McFarlane Multiverse. The new seven inch scale is interesting but should be able to bring more details to the figures. This line will be based on the new Animated series coming to Netflix.

Retail – $19.99

Release Date – 2021

The Lords of Power

The Power Con Exclusive box set Lords of Power packaging has also been shown off. the retro feel extends into vintage carry case of the original line. The figures have been sold out from Power-Con however BigBadToyStore still has some available at higher rates. These neoclassical figures represent the original pitch look of the line before it became what we know it as today.

Masters of the Universe Lords of Power Power-Con 2020 Limited Edition Exclusive Five-Pack

This five-pack of the Lords of Power recreates the prototype sculpts shown in the original promotional materials as highly articulated Masters of the Universe: Origins figures. This set comes housed in a premium, coffret-style collector case in the style of the original Masters of the Universe carrying cases, optimized for display with all-new, custom artwork and illustrations.

Product Features

  • Made of plastic
  • Limited edition
  • Power-Con 2020 exclusive
  • Prototype sculpts as highly articulated figures
  • Carrying cases packaging

Release Date – November 2020

BBTS price – $299.99


MOTU Origins Rise of Evil 2-Pack  Keldor & Kronos

Here is our first Target Exclusive for 2021. The beginning of Skelator along with a pre-mangled Kronus AKA Trap Jaw. Both are great figures and I hope it means we will get a comic version green skin Trap Jaw some day as well. For me this is the highlight of the reveals.

Retail – $29.99

Release Date – 2021


Fan’s Choice Winner

Here we have the winner the 1st appearance of Tri-Klops. This version is much different than what we finally got. I personally love these comic looks to figures. However my vote was for good guy Keldor– I have no idea how Tri-Klops won.

Release Date – 2021

Pre orders on MastersoftheUniverse.com as some point.


MOTU Origins Line Panthors

Panthor(s) as in multiple. As soon as they showed off Panthor unflocked I called it that there would be a Exclusive flocked version as well. I was (of course) totally right on this, however it is a bit more pricey for that fur man. I am not going to lie, I will get both.

Regular Version Panthor

Retail – $24.99

Release Date – 2021

Walmart Exclusive Panthor

Retail – $39.99

Release Date – 2021


MOTU Origins Land Shark

Knock Knock who’s Land Shark. If you watched old Saturday Night Live these are the thoughts that always come up when you hear the name Land Shark. This is a interesting choice for wave 2 vehicles. I would have put money on a WindRaider coming out first. It is a great vehicle with lots of play value.

Retail – $29.99

Release Date – 2021

0409 GXP43 Land shark_CR turns_P2

MOTU Origins Wave 3

This new wave, first at Walmart Fall 2020 then other stores 2021, will have Mer-Man, Roboto, Stratos, and Ninjor as basic figures. Then Deluxe line figures at a higher price point will arrive. Ram Man, Battle Armor He-Man, Skeletor, and Clamp Champ. He-Man comes with a vintage toy head– no word if we will get multiple colors on Stratos. Ram Man really takes the cake with lots of new weapons and a new fully covered helmet as well.

Wave 3 Core Figures

Retail – $14.99

Release Date – 2021


Wave 3 Deluxe Figures

Retail – $14.99

Release Date – 2021

Eternia Minis

This line is really taking off with two multipacks online this Fall and two new waves of blind box figures– Wave 2 Slime Pit and Wave 3 Anti-Eternia minis. Plus we get two vehicles Roton and Road Ripper.


Retail – $19.99

Release Date – Fall 2020

Eternia Minis

Retail – $4.99

Release Date – 2021


Eternia Minis Vehicles

Retail – $9.99

Release Date – 2021


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