Super7 Reveals Disney Classic Animation ULTIMATES! Wave 1

Super7 is showing off an enchanting classic that will make Disney fans lose their minds. Adding to the Ultimates Collection, Super7 is showing off Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey, Pinocchio, and Prince John from Robin Hood. I honestly think the Prince John is going to do me in– you’ll never see a Prince John figure like this again and I am stoked that Disney gave Super7 permission to make toys like these! That Prince John has a dirty thumb, you know.

Each Disney Classic Animation Ultimates figure is seven inches tall and comes with many heads, hands, and accessories. They cost $45 each (or $135 for the whole wave) and are expected to ship Q2 2021.


Disney Classic Animation ULTIMATES! Wave 1 – Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey Mouse – $45 Preorder

From the timeless animated classic Fantasia comes Disney’s Mickey Mouse, in his iconic role as the Sorcerer’s Apprentice. This Ultimates! Figure is super poseable and features three interchangeable expressive heads, interchangeable hands, two water buckets, an animated broom, an axe and the Sorcerer’s giant spell book. The Ultimates! Figure is also dressed in a tailored, velvety-soft wizard robe with a real rope tied waistband.



Disney Classic Animation ULTIMATES! Wave 1 – Pinocchio – $45 Preorder

Pinocchio, the puppet with a penchant for tall tales and a curiosity for life, inspired our desire for adventure and belonging. The Pinocchio Ultimates! Figure is super poseable with 3 interchangeable heads showing his growing nose, interchangeable hands, his conscience Jiminy Cricket (of course), a school book, an axe, an apple, Cleo’s fishbowl, Figaro the Cat, and a fabric vest with gold trim.



Disney Classic Animation ULTIMATES! Wave 1 – Prince John $45 Preorder

Although he is no match for Robin Hood’s stealth and valor, Prince John is still one of the most notorious cartoon villains. The Prince John Ultimates! Figure is super poseable and features three interchangeable heads, interchangeable hands with and without the jewels of his rings, two versions of his slithering assistant Sir Hiss, a vanity mirror, and a plush velvet robe with a fur trim.

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