Discover the new DIG DUG Quarter Arcades Cabinet from Numskull

Arriving in October 2020, the Numskull Designs team have dug deep and been busy perfecting the latest in the line of Quarter Arcades cabinets to offer yet another iconic arcade game for retro game fans and anyone who loves the classic arcade of the 1980s!

DIG DUG is ready to play. Are you? Cast your mind back to 1982 when DIG DUG first hit the arcades, did you get involved with this classic maze game? Have you got some unfinished DIG DUG business?

Well this new DIG DUG Quarter Arcades cabinet means you can pick up where you left off, but this time you can play at home. You also have access to settings via the dip switches too.


Quarter Arcades are ¼ scale replicas of classic video games that give you the full play experience at home. They’re big enough to play, but small enough to fit on a desk, table top or shelf and are highly collectible. The design stays true to the original arcade cabinet, the exciting, bright cabinet artwork is a visual delight and the button/joystick sizes are shrunk down proportionately. It even comes with the coin slot which now lights up with the latest versions of cabinets.

So, get to the ground and destroy those enemies, POOKA and FYGAR are crawling through the dirt in the underground tunnels, blow them up with the air pump, or crush them with rocks, do whatever it takes to win, do not let them escape.

Official BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment licensed product/merchandise
1/4 scale replica of the original arcade cabinets
High-quality: Made for durability, playability, and portability.
Measures: 16.92 inches Tall by 8.27 inches deep by 6.3 inches wide
Price £129.99 €149.99, $149.99.

Purchasing link at Numskull


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