I want my MTV! Big Potato launches brand-new game for music lovers

From Big Potato Games comes another nostalgic blast from the part game filled with tasty 80s and 90s fun.


Don’t worry, MTV is super-simple to learn. As long as you’ve heard of a few bands or artists, you’re good to go! Here’s how to play —

How to Win: Be the first team to collect an Artist card from all eight categories: The Brits, Award-Winning Videos, Best of Unplugged, Pop Anthems, Hip Hop Hits, Headbangers, Teenage Angst, and Queens of MTV.

Quick-Fire Buzzer Round: It’s time for one player from each team to go head to head! Each tries to think of a song to fit the description on the Head-to-Head category card (e.g. “Pop Anthems”) before the 15-second timer runs out, hitting the buzzer to throw the mic back to their opponent. The first person to run out of time loses this round.

Artist Round: Get ready to belt it out! Each player gets three Artist Cards and has 30 seconds to get their team to guess all the artists using one of three methods— using just one word; speaking the lyrics; or performing one of the artist’s songs. When a team gets one right, they add the card to their collection. The first team to grab an Artist card from all eight categories wins and has the right to party like it’s 1999!

The MTV Party Game costs $19.99 and is for sale at Target right now.


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