Glyos Battle Tribes Ninja Wave 23 Drops

Spy Monkey Creations has their newest Glyos Drop on Saturday July 23rd at 6pm PST. This wave will have four figures three deluxe figures and one army builder. The line up has USA Ninja aka “American Ninja”fighting for truth justice and the American Pie. Desert Ninja this is a very nice color way for dirt fighting– I live in the desert so these guys are handy. Empyrean Ninja he is easily a Mortal Combat Smoke and comes with clear with glitter weapons. Desert Sand Ninja Builder these are great for parts and yeah building armies. As with all of the Battle Tribes figures they come with a lot of extra parts and heads to customize with you other figures or any other Glyos compatible toys.

Available Saturday 23rd at 6pm PST at spymonkeycreations.

DX USA Ninja


DX Desert Ninja


DX Empyrean Ninja


Desert Sand Ninja Builder


BT Wave 23-19

Full Set


BT Wave 23-23

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