Super7 Spectacular Stay-at-home-ic-con Monster Mix day

It’s Monster Mix day at the Super7 Spectacular Stay-at-home-ic-con Special. Grab your favorite monster exclusives before they’re gone.

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Super Special Giveaway – we’re including a free gift with every Stay-at-home-ic-con Special purchase today. New gift everyday. One gift per order. While supplies last.

Ghost ReAction – Papa Emeritus Nihil w/Sunglasses (SDCC 2020)

The First Papa of the Dark Ministry makes his action figure debut as a 3.75″ ReAction Figure! Relive all the excitement from Ghost’s A Pale Tour Named Death as Papa Emeritus Nihil comes equipped with his signature sunglasses and saxophone, and packaged on a gold-foil stamped Grucifix cardback.

Retail – $20.00

Super7 Link

Universal Monsters ReAction Figure – Creature From the Black Lagoon – Aquarium Box (SDCC 2020)

Creature surfaces in the ReAction figure world again! The Gill-man comes in an exclusive form inspired by the 1970s Penn-Plax Creature from the Black Lagoon aquarium bubble ornament. This 3.75” ReAction figure articulates in five points and comes in a new metallic colorway and inside its very own window box just like the original.

Retail – $20.00

Super7 Link

Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas ReAction Figure – Jack Skellington Neon and Glow-In-The-Dark (SDCC 2020)

Jack Skellington trades in his traditional black and white for a shocking Neon and Glow-in-the-dark look. Turn out the lights to see Jack and Zero glow! This limited edition 3.75” ReAction figure comes packaged on a die-cut tombstone cardback.

Retail – $20.00

Super7 Link

Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas ReAction Figure – Sally Neon and Glow-In-The-Dark (SDCC 2020)

Sally, bolder than you’ve ever seen her before!  This 3.75” limited edition glow-in-the-dark ReAction figure comes complete with her picnic basket, packaged on a die-cut tombstone cardback, and is sure to brighten up any room with or without the lights on!

Retail – $20.00

Super7 Link

Disney ReAction Figures – Haunted Mansion Hitchhiking Ghosts 3-Pack (SDCC 2020)

Can’t go to Disneyland? Never fear, we’re bringing Disneyland to you!  This ReAction 3-pack of the Haunted Mansion ride’s notorious hitchhiking ghosts features chilling blue tones. Packaged in an extremely special Victorian framed display box that would look right at home on the walls of The Haunted Mansion itself; this set is sure to inspire fright and delight!

Retail – $60.00

Super7 Link

Universal Monsters T-Shirt – Bride of Frankenstein (SDCC 2020)

Show your monster loving colors with this black and white classic. Perfect for every occasion, this cotton tee features The Bride and her signature hair streak and electrifying presence.

Retail – $30.00

Super7 Link


Universal Monsters T-Shirt – Creature Aquarium (SDCC 2020)

Pulled from the depths of your living room aquarium, The Creature from the Black Lagoon can be in your clutches now. Inspired by vintage aquarium displays, this 100% cotton tee features chest and back art on a vibrant celadon blank. XS-3X, Tee Color: Celadon 100% cotton machine wash/tumble dry

Retail – $30.00

Super7 Link


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