Storm Collectibles Shows Off New Darkstalkers Line With Demitri Maximoff

At long last…DARKSTALKERS is getting their own line of collectible action figures and today we are excited to show you the mighty Romanian vampire, DEMITRI MAXIMOFF! A bitter rival to Morrigan, Demitri is ready to do battle in his regal and stoic attire. Please enjoy this world unveiling of Demitri Maximoff and stay tuned for more information about him and our Darkstalkers line!

This was a video game hit in 1993 on the original Playstation, a spin-off from the Capcom team that made Street Fighter II. It had the same play dynamics but in a new uniquely Japanese horror setting. This is an incredible license and amazing amount of crazy cool characters to be made all with in the same scale as Storms’ other fighting game action figures.

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