Entertainment Earth Announces Three San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive Items

It’s Comic-Con week (hey, you can take the show away from me, but this week has been carved out for years!) and that means Convention Exclusive announcements galore! And for me, it’s always a treat to see what Entertainment Earth is up to. Their pieces are always super creative, and out of these three, I just love the Batman and Robin wooden Pin Mate and Twin Peaks bobblehead. Numbers are limited, add these goodies to your Nerd Summer Christmas shopping bag today!


EE Twin Peaks Bobble Head

Twin Peaks Icons Bobble Head with Enamel Pin Set #1 – Convention Exclusive – $39.99 – In Stock

“Diane, 11:30 AM, February 24th. Entering the town of Twin Peaks.” You know you’re entering Twin Peaks when you see so many trees and so many iconic images all in one place, or in this case, all in one incredible diorama bobblehead! Measuring a little over 5 1/2-inches tall x 5-inches wide x 3 1/4-inches deep, the Twin Peaks Icons Bobble Head with Enamel Pin Set #1 – Entertainment Earth Exclusive is designed to resemble a booth in the iconic Double R Diner and features unforgettable moments like the town sign bearing the words “Welcome to Twin Peaks – Population 51,201,” the Log Lady’s log, a slice of delicious cherry pie, a cup of that “damn good coffee,” Special Agent Dale Cooper’s tape recorder, and of course, an owl.

But beware, the owl and log are not what they seem: they are bobbleheads! But wait there is more! A set of three enamel pins are included featuring the owl, cherry pie, and Twin Peaks welcome sign. Each pin measures about 1 ¼-inches and comes with a metal backing. This is a limited edition of just 504 pieces, each individually numbered with a holographic sticker and packaged in a closed box. Take the advice of Special Agent Cooper and give yourself the gift of this damn good set before it sells out! Ages 18 and up.

EE Batman Pin Mates

Batman Classic TV Series Batcycle with Batman and Robin Wooden Collectible Pin Mates Set – Convention Exclusive – $16.99 – In Stock

Holy neato vehicles, Batman! This cute wooden Batcycle from the 1966 tv show is something that would charm both old school Batman fans and completists alike! That’s why this awesome 2-inch scale Batman Classic TV Series Batcycle with Batman and Robin Pin Mates – Convention Exclusive is such a terrific find that you can’t afford to pass up. Modeled after the Batman Classic TV Series, the retro-styled BATCYCLE™ is made of wood, just like the included BATMAN™ and ROBIN™ Pin Mates®. This set is a limited edition of 3,048 pieces, each with an individually numbered holographic sticker. So, if you don’t want to miss out, you need to order yours now!

Each Pin Mates collectible comes with a fabric cape and features brightly colored 360-degree artwork and is individually numbered within the Pin Mates Gold Series. BATMAN™ is number G43, and ROBIN™ is number G44. The BATCYCLE™ has rolling wheels that seats one Pin Mates® collectible and comes with a removeable sidecar for Robin. The sidecar has wheels and seats one Pin Mates® collectible. Pop the CAPED CRUSADER™ and the BOY WONDER™ into this fantastic BATCYCLE™ and get ready for fun! Ages 14 and up.

EE Joker Jack in the Box

The Joker Jack-in-the-Box – Convention Exclusive – $29.99 – In Stock

Ha, ha, ha, ha! Surprise! The Clown Prince of Crime comes to you in the form of a classic jack-in-the-box! Something Mr. J would totally spring on ol’ Batsy! THE JOKER™ – with playing card in hand – jumps right out at you after “Pop! Goes the Weasel” plays when you turn the crank on this insanely colorful jack-in-the box! With a detailed plastic head and a fabric body, the classically styled THE JOKER™ figure features the kooky criminal in his trademark purple suit, packed inside a retro tin measuring about 5 1/2-inches tall x 5 1/2-inches wide x 5 1/2-inches long. It’s a limited edition of 6,138 pieces that comes with an individually numbered holographic sticker, so you’d better order yours right away! Ages 14 and up.


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