G.I. Joe Classified Special Missions Cobra Island Wave (And Preorders Sold out Instantly)

G.I. Joe Special Missions Cobra Island Wave was announced today on Facebook. No real pre-announcement other than “hey guys tomorrow at 6 am!”

Yeah… Update 6:01 am pst “Pre Orders Sold out instantly” as you refreshed it went from coming soon to pre orders sold out. There was no chance at all to pre order the items.

Hasbro had a live stream event three days ago and never said a word. The figures are exceedingly nice (and wanted) except… why is Roadblock looking like Heavy Duty? I think there might have been some issues with the name so they did a switch. The Baroness comes with a Cobra C.O.I.L motorcycle bike and that is the first vehicle for the line. It shows that the Joes will get their own stuff and not just Marvel Legends hand-me-downs.

We get Cobra Troopers- OMG! This is the first army builder next to the announced Red Ninjas. Those army builders are one per case? Maybe? Let’s hope these guys are not as every collector needs around 12-24 of them alone.

Beach Head is a classic G.I. Joe sub commander and looks good except all of his weapons are green with no paint apps. I will gripe at that; come on, keep the weapons all black.  I am super excited for this and can totally see using the beret from Beach Head on a Cobra Trooper go ahead and steal that idea your welcome.

They all go on sale tomorrow at 9am / 6am PST at Target.com

Update Coming August 14, 2020

Preorders have sold out. Check back on release date.

GIJOE Logo copy

Baroness With Cobra C.O.I.L.

The Baroness is her name (well, code name), espionage is her game (among other things), and she’s she’s racing into the Classified Series on her Cobra C.O.I.L. in the Cobra Island collection exclusively at Target .

Retail – $39.99

Target Link

Cobra Trooper

The Cobra Troopers are anxiously awaiting for your arrival on COBRA ISLAND!

Retail – $19.99

Target Link

Roadblock v2 totally not Heavy Duty

When Roadblock was told he was going to an island, this wasn’t the vacation he was expecting!

Retail – $19.99

Target Link

Beach Head

It’s gonna be anything but a day at the beach for Cobra when Beach Head arrives on Cobra Island!

Retail – $19.99

Target Link

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  1. Tremendously disappointing. I managed to buy and after being in the basket he says not available 09:01

    • I chatted with a CSR from Target asking him to explain how it’s physically possible to add 4 items to the cart ,each requiring 2 step to add, and check out in less than 20 seconds. He said “buy bots” are used all the time and corporate refuses to solve the issue.

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