Asmus Toys Pet Detective Series: Ace Ventura

Wow wow wow WOW, do I love this Ace Ventura figure from Asmus Toys! Oh cursed day, why do all the toys I want have to be premium, dude…PREMIUM!? Normally the cloth outfits on toys don’t do it for me, but on higher end pieces, it’s totally working. While NECA’s Ace Ventura was fine, this one is working for me in a next level kind of way.

The Ace Ventura Sixth Scale Figure features authentic and detailed fully realistic likeness of  Ace Ventura.

· Approximately 30 cm tall

· Over 32 points of articulation

Features :

· Asmus Toys ADAM body

· An authentic likeness of the actor from the film.

· One pair of relaxed posture hand

· One pair of item holding hand

· One pair of pager holding hand

· One right hand, sticking little finger out

· One finger flicking right hand

 .One pair of seamless arm

Special features on Clothing:

· One pair of Hawaiin shirt

· One pair of stripe patterned pants

· One white singlet

· One black belt

· One pair of black boots

Special features accessories:

· A silver watch

· A pair sunglasses

. A pager



· One Asmus Toys figure stand


Ace Ventura costs $192 and will ship October 2020–he is available for preorder today.


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