Let Your Magical Girl Flag Fly with Sailor Moon Eternal School Supplies

I have said it before and I will say it again– what a time to be an anime fan. When I meet younger people today (I know, here comes the Oldtaku snark tangent) they (for whatever reason) still act like anime is this nerdy, underground, exclusive thing. To which I say “Bro, your anime is on streaming apps, it’s mainstream, get over it.” 

I’ve written about how difficult it was at one point to find (licensed) merchandise to represent your favorite anime. I remember going to Anime Plus in Reseda (may it Rest in Peace) and not being able to afford much more than bootleg soundtacks and stickers. From the bootleg Korean Hello Kitty stores in the mall, I would sometimes find stationary and wrapping paper from “Sallor Moon” with all the colors messed up. And you know what, at least I got that much! The anime collecting generation before me wasn’t so lucky…though China Town infamously always had some delights.

So, imagine how happy I would have been when I was 13 years old with a Sailor Moon notebook, pen, and pencil case. It’s just this little simple thing that makes you feel like you belong. Like you’re in a club led by your favorite magical girl. Even if it’s staunch consumerism (Hi, toy news website), it is still enough to give me the warm and fuzzies. Long live Sailor Moon school supplies! (To be released September 2020)


Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal: Slider Case Set B – $5.14



Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal: Satin Pencil Case A – $14.84



Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal: Satin Pencil Case B – $14.84



Sailor Moon Cosmic Memories Ring Pocket File C – $6.73



Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal: W Ring Notebook A – $5.94


Anyone else concerned about how much Luna is PRESENTING here?

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal: Dr. Grip G Spec Ballpoint Pen 0.5 – $7.91



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