PCS Collectibles (Budget Line) Transformers Statues Available for Preorder Now

I am such a fan of the PCS Collectibles budget line of statues. I own all three Power Rangers statues from this release (and have preordered the Lord Drakkon one), and Toy Wizards are so looking forward to the upcoming G.I. Joe statues.

So far in this line (with all the franchises) the statues are in the $50 range and stand 9 inches tall. It’s a lot of bang for your buck and gets the point across perfectly if you want to let your fandom flag fly without paying the $400+ amount that a premium PCS Collectibles statue is. I’m grateful for this budget line and think the quality is still really nice. Are you ready to add Transformers to your collection? I think that Soundwave is calling my name!


Transformers Optimus Prime 9″ Statue – $54.99 – November 2020

Transformers Soundwave 9″ Statue – $54.99 – November 2020

Transformers Megatron 9″ Statue – $54.99 – November 2020



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